3 Powerful (and Free!) Ways to Immediately Get More Gym Members

Back in the old days, the power of word of mouth was more than enough to bring people to your local gym. And although this is still powerful promotional way, nowadays it takes much more to get your gym noticed.

It’s simple- everything is evolving and everything is updated, that includes way of promoting your business. Before 1991, when the World Wide Web became publicly available, you might have bought an ad space in the local newspaper or printed out leaflets, right?

Time has changed. We now have the ability to promote a local gym on the internet, reach out further, branch out better. Here, we are revealing ways to promote your gym to get more brand awareness and more members.

1. Set Up Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google. This is perfect for searches with location words in it.

Say I am interested in joining a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym in Limerick. I go to Google and will possibly type in something like: ” Jiu-Jitsu in Limerick”, “Jiu Jitsu gyms Limerick”.

I can immediately see that Limerick BJJ Academy is using Google My Business, because they popped in my search results. You can see on the right hand side the gym’s location, reviews, opening times, photos and more. It’s an area for businesses to reveal useful information to the potential user. Learn how to set up Google My business or ask Combat Art to do it for you.

2. Get Social – The Right Way

Social Media is more than just updating your timeline with news of the upcoming beginners course or adding photos of yet another intense workout that you had at the gym. There is a lot more to it.

Did you know people search for things using hashtags? From #LowCarbRecipes , #DogWalkerDublin to yes, even #gyms in your location. The above picture shows results of many gyms in Cork, once I searched for #CorkGyms. So, anytime you post on Instagram or Twitter, use relevant hasthags (avoid silly ones like #bjjgirlsforever, #boxingforgirls #livelife #boyslovekarate – that’s just ridiculous). Choose 5 hashtags that best define your post. Describe what the image is about, show people in the picture.

3. Get More Attractive Posters

When you pass an unattractive man or woman, would you look at them twice? This is exactly what we mean here. Online, you have possibly one chance for your post to make an impression. Here, we are not talking about spending a massive amount of money on promotion. Rather, it’s more about investing. Make your posters more eye-catching, invest in redesigning your website, and make those things look professional.

Above on the left is the Limerick BJJ Academy’s example of one of the gym’s posters they used to promote the course. It had very little engagement, the picture isn’t clear, the whole text just looks weak. The image on the right is designed by a Graphic Designer. It is vibrant, attractive, the text is clear and the whole image looks professional. It also got a lot of likes, shares, comments and publicity. See what I am saying? Invest money in your business wisely. Either you can ask someone with design skills to look after the posts that go online, or you can learn how to use Canva and design them yourself.

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