Brian Martin Ortega is currently number 2 in UFC featherweight ranking and is planning to make his comeback later this year, after his 2 year break from UFC.  Ortega is American by birth while his parents are from Mexico, he is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ortega learned the art of fighting from the Gracie family under Rener Gracie and Rorian Gracie.  Ortega is 5.9″ tall and his weight is 145 lbs, at the age of 29, he is enjoying the prime of his fighting career. 

On the 25th of April 2010, Ortega started his professional career in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and won his first 9 fights either by a decision or submission, it shows how technical he is, he follows the old school technique in fighting and keeps scoring the points to win the rounds and whenever he gets the chance, he attempts for the submission to get it from the hands of the judges. 

Brian Ortega has thrown 1064 significant strikes in his professional career and from these 1064 strikes, he managed to land 359 shots; his significant strike accuracy is 34%. He attempted for 18 takedowns during his pro career and only one was successful, so his grappling accuracy is 17% only. He defended 51% of the significant strikes thrown to him and escaped from 56% of takedowns attempted upon him. During the fights, his target area is head; he has landed 279 out of his 359 significant strikes at the head. He is not good while on the ground or clinching as his 87% significant strikes are landed while standing.

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From his 16 professional fights, he won 14, lost 1, and one fight is declared as no contest. His 7 wins came by submissions – 50% of total wins – while in four fights he went to the distance and scored the point victories – 29% of total wins –  and in 3 fights, he knocked his opponents out – 21% of total victories -.  

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Brian Ortega was undefeated till his last fight when he faced the former featherweight champion, Max Holloway, in UFC 231 in December 2018. This fight ended in the fourth round when Brian Ortega was not allowed to go in the fifth round by doctor. Ortega was scheduled to fight Chan Sung Jung but pulled out of the fight due to knee injury. 

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