Khabib Vs Ferguson: A Cursed fight?

On the 18th of April 2020, the unbeaten lightweight UFC champion Khabib “The Eagle” is going to defend his title against the tough contender, Tony Ferguson, in the main event of UFC 249. Tony is unbeaten since 2012 and he has a winning streak of 12 fights while Khabib is unbeaten throughout his career, many writers and Mixed Martial Arts analysts say that Khabib never lost a single round, let alone the fight. This is going to happen first time in UFC that to professionals with this much long winning streak are going to face each other.

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This is not the first time when this pair is set to face each other as this fight has been cancelled many times in a few years. Due to Coronavirus issues, there are chances that this big UFC event can be postponed again. In recent years, it is the biggest matchup in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Both the fighters are topper in their weight division and are coming with a long winning streak. Let’s have a comparison to predict who is going to win the fight. 


Tony Ferguson has a slight better knockout percentage as compared to Khabib, from 25 wins, Tony finished 12 fights before the final bell while Khabib did the same in 8 fights only. Tony lands more strikes than Khabib does in every fight. 
Khabib 9 – 10 Tony Ferguson

Strikes and Grappling Accuracy

Khabib’s strike landing accuracy is 50% as he landed 657 out of 1323 total strikes in his professional career while Tony’s accuracy in 43% percent, Khabib lands more shots than any other elite fighter in the UFC. Khabib’s grappling accuracy is the best in the world, in his recent fights, we rarely see a missed attack, he drops the opponents at will. His overall accuracy 43 percent, he landed 49 takedowns out of 116 attempts. Tony has the same percentage in this department but lacks the quantity, he landed only 6 takedowns out of 14. Khabib 10 – 9 Tony Ferguson

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Technique and Ring IQ

In his recent videos, Khabib gave a lot of credit to his opponent regarding wrestling skills but everyone knows Khabib is the best on the planet in this field too, Khabib puts all of his opponents on the canvas and there is no reach or size advantage, he keeps mopping the floor with the body of the fighters and wins the round. Tony is only good while exchanges strike in the middle of the ring, he is only a come-forward fighter. Khabib 10 – 9 Tony Ferguson

Experience and Opposition Level

Both the fighters have shared the ring with some elite fighters but and managed to win their respective fights, this can be a draw but Khabib is more experienced and is expected to defeat any top contender in his weight class who could give some tough time to Tony. Both fighters are the same in professional experience as both turned pro in 2008 and participated in 28 matches each, but Khabib has an advantage of a long and successful amateur career. 

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Chin and Mental Strength 

After watching his fights, we come to know that Khabib has a granite chin and can absorb a lot of punishment and still fights back, Khabib never tasted the canvas, while Tony has been knocked down 7 times and knocked out twice in his professional career, so Khabib is better in this context. Furthermore, Khabib is a cool head fighter and stays calm throughout the bout so he lands more accurate and significant strikes, Tony loses his mind after getting hit and starts trading strikes and gets punished. Khabib 10 – 9 Tony

Our Prediction: Khabib wins; UD or Submission in 3rd round. Have a different opinion? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.  

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