Which Martial Arts Do UFC Fighters Learn?

No combat art is officially registered as a must-have to qualify for fighting in UFC and NO combat sport is banned in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So that’s why UfC is based upon Mixed Martial Arts, one needs to have his arsenal equipped with different skills to be a successful contender.  UFC fighters usually learn Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling. This combination of combat sports is used for in Mixed Martial Arts training and can bring a fighter on the top of the list. Let us discuss different fighting positions and need of fighting skills during those positions.


A fight in a standing position can be an inside fight or the outside.

 Outside fight

An outside fight is fought at the distance; fighter keeps throwing jabs to maintain it and keep scoring the points. Once jab is stable, hooks and straight punches come to support the jabs. Boxing skill is needed for the outside fighting. Same is with the legs, with a safe distance a fighter throws the kicks and then goes out of the range to avoid counter. Outside fight needs Boxing and Muay Thai.

Inside fight

A fighter having less reach and height prefers to go inside and tries to hurt the opponent with body shots and hooks, it requires great boxing and karate skills to land devastating strikes and at the same time nullifying the counter-attack with head and body movement along with shoulder roll from a short range.  Like Anderson Silva and Henry Cejudo do in a situation like this. 

Grappling and Takedown

Sometimes a good ring cutter fighter approaches inside to press the fight, this situation needs to be handled by clinches or takedowns, Judo or Jiu-Jitsu skill is needed at that time.  From this distance, a well-timed knee on the rib or a vicious left hook clean on the lever can off the lights for the opponent; this needs training of Jiu-Jitsu or Karate along with boxing.

Khabib is too good in this department, he throws his opponent to the canvas at his will and that is why he has a world record of 21 takedowns in a single bout. 

Fighting a with a dropped opponent

After putting the opponent on the ground, a fighter has two options; stand up and beat the opponent or stay on the ground and keep fighting until find a chance of submission attempt. The first option is what we have seen in the second round of Khabib The Eagle Vs Conor McGregor, Khabib put Conor on the canvas and schooled his defense while giving him a severe beating.   This is mixture of Judo and Wrestling. 

Fighting when both the fighters on the ground

Avoiding a strike and putting an opponent down is pure Judo or Jiu-Jitsu style, this is where fighters seek for submission by some locks: Armbar, Neck crank, Kimaru, Kneebar, Arm-Triangle-Choke, Read Neck-Choke, etc are either from Jiu-Jitsu or Judo. So these two techniques would give a considerable edge to a fighter.


No fighting technique is compulsory to get a fighting license and all are compulsory to keep running on the winning track.

One should learn any legal combat art and should put his 100 percent in Martial arts training.

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