5 Tips on Memorizing BJJ Techniques

Everyone who trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knows, how many varieties are out there. And memorizing each one of them can be a challenge, especially when, even the slightest detail can affect your match. How to memorize so many steps in one technique? Here, you will find out 5 ways on how to memorize BJJ techniques.

1. Take Notes

Taking notes is the simplest and really effective method. BJJ training can be compared to learning at school. You learn new things every day, and your knowledge is tested during exams (in jiu-jitsu class it’s sparring). So what are you doing? You write down everything! Taking notes forces you to look instinctively at details and makes you visualize specific techniques.

Take notes after training, not during the jiu-jitsu class. As questions and roll with your partners to find out if you are understanding the technique. In addition, taking notes after training makes you aware of certain details that you are asking about.

2. Record a Video

Record a video while working on more complex techniques. Ask a friend to record you either during or after training. You will then be able to assess where you are making a possible mistake and what is worth working on. Ideally, you could also film your trainer so that you also have a correct picture, but ask him for permission beforehand. Not many trainers like to be recorded!

3. Train. Train. Repeat.

The key to perfecting a technique is to repeat it many times. Slowly at first, then at the right pace. Find a partner who follows the same principle and who doesn’t spend 100% of the time on himself right from the start. It is also important to pay attention to details. There is nothing worse than developing bad habits. Ask the coach or more advanced students for feedback on your technique.

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4. Visualize the Technique

The ideal solution is to exercise with a partner also outside of the gym, however, not everyone is so lucky – not everyone is free or have sufficient mat space. Therefore, if you cannot “harmonize” with your partner, you are left with the visualization. In this way, you go through the whole technique step by step, imagining your opponent.

You can also purchase a jiu-jitsu dummy from Amazon or other sites to help you train at home.

5. Train the Technique on “Lower Belts”

One of the most important ways to remember a technique is positive reinforcement. You need to know that you are doing it correctly and that it is working. Have you ever wondered how it happened that a given move became your favorite? Probably because the previous attempts were successful and you achieved the intended goal thanks to them.

While training with the more skilled is needed, it is equally important to exercise with those with less skills. During them, you will refine the details of techniques that you will later test during sparring with better ones than you.

When you decide to start training Brazilian jiu jitsu, you need to be aware that there are so many techniques and combinations in this sport that are really hard to remember. Make it easy for you to hone your skills as effectively as possible.

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