How to be a Good White Belt

The deeper you go into jiu-jitsu techniques the more you will realize that there are thousands of variations and techniques. 

So, efore you get overwhelmed, read the top tips on how to be a Good White Belt

1. Do Not Be Discouraged 

While looking at other athletes at the gym, you may think to yourself: “Oh wow, I wish I was as good in jiu-jitsu as they are”. The most important thing is to remember, nobody is great at something they start for the first time. It takes years to become a black belt, not days. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

During the class, ask your trainer any questions you may have about the techniques. Everyone trains at a different level, some days you may quickly grasp the technique, some days it will take slower. And that’s OK! Your teacher knows exactly that everyone learnes at a different pace.

3. Do Not Be Picky When Choosing Training Partners

Sparring sessions are the most fun and yet educational parts of each class. Therefore it is crucial that you choose random buddies, so that you can spar with people you haven’t yet which will make you think more strategically and you won’t be able to predict any moves. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Broaden Your Knowledge

If there are certain parts of jiu-jitsu that you like and interests you, do not be afraid to learn more about it. For example, I am a big fan of guillotines. I love doing them, and feel that it is my favorite submission. I then started studying on how I can apply my guillotines through different positions. I watched videos, went to seminars and applied it during sparring sessions. Nothing stops you from perfecting your favourite submissions. 

5. Do Not Be Too Hard On Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes, no exception. And yes, they even happen to black belts. Not every technique will come easy for you and it is normal that many people beat themselves up. But remember, you are only at the early stage of jiu-jitsu. So there is a lot of training ahead of you. 

6. Warm-up is a must!

As much as you may think that your trainer is torturing you during warm-ups, he really isn’t 🙂 He is literally warming up your body so that your can perform better during class and not hurt yourself. A lot of white belt trainers thinks they do not need a warm-up and that is a big mistake. 

These 5 golden tips will definitely help you become a good White elt in Jiu-Jitsu. Can you think of any other recommendations?


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