How to Prepare for a Jiu-Jitsu Competition

How to Prepare for a Jiu Jitsu Competition

If you came to this website, you are probably thinking of enterring your first jiu jitsu competition. Or you have already and you are looking to improve your preparation. Either way, keep reading as we will provide how to get ready for the competition so that you can increase your chances of getting that gold medal!


1. Plan Your Game 

Most people who ask for advice before their competition will say that a game strategy is needed. Unfortunately, there are many athletes  who underestimate this advice and go on competing without a plan. Having that strategy, you have a plan and you know how you want to achieve your goal.

Are you going for a takedown or into a guard? Are you planning to sweep the opponent? Go for a leg lock? These questions will help you plan a powerful strategy. Visualizing how you want the jiu jitsu competition to run is crucial to winning the competition. 

 What’s more, a well-thought-out action plan will help you get out of a situation in which you have to defend yourself at a disadvantage.


2. Cardio

Adequate fitness preparation is the key preparation for a competition in any combat sport. There is a huge numer of athletes who focus only on weight loss, forgetting about conditioning training. So, how to stay fit and improve cardio? There are many possibilities – running, cycling, swimming are just examples of good cardio exercises. Hardly anyone remembers about one more exercise that supports endurance, namely jumping rope. In addition to being an introductory jump rope enthusiast, it burns the most calories out of all your cardio exercises.

This type is recommended for all jiu jitsu people preparing for a competition. How should such training look like? Start with 20-minute sessions. At the beginning, one session a day is more than enough. However, you will quickly see that your body will demand more and after two weeks you will be able to slow down three sessions, and you will get rid of unnecessary fat ballast. Training with a skipping rope has always been a basic form of training for boxers, but today it is successfully used by representatives of other martial arts, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo and karate.



3. De-Stress

When asked what to do before the first competition, every experienced competitor will answer: “Relax, clear your mind”. In theory, this is easy, but are you able to fully clear your mind with the stress before the first competition in your life? Take a deep breath. You have to breathe, and it’s not just random breaths, it’s a steady, planned flow of air.

On competition day, try to inhale the air through your nose and then, when your lungs are full, slowly exhale through your mouth. This is called “real breathing.” Concentrate on the voice of the breath and make sure that only thoughts are in your head. Think about it that you will win. This practice can really make you appear and prepare you for the mental part of the competition. Also a relaxing music is a great way to put your mind at peace.

4. Warm-up

Of course a warm-up  is the key physical preparation in any sport. It is inevitable that on the day of the competition you will be nervous and a thousand thoughts will pass through your head. The warm-up that you do every day, focus on you on a favorable exercise mode.

The purpose of the action is to eliminate over-thinking and get rid of stress. I am convinced that you do such warm-ups before each training session. It should be no different on the day of the competition – warm up until you feel that your mind and body are ready.


5. Visualization

Visualizing the fight goes hand in hand with relaxation, and mental reading is equally important. Once you can keep your nerves in check and pray, visualization will help you prepare for competition. As strange as it may seem, the visualization is a skill with which professional athletes around the world can be trusted. After a few relaxing breaths, just start imagining the upcoming duel. Imagine that you are already on the mat and trying to bring the fight to the ground floor. The idea is to create a scenario in your mind that can actually happen.

When using visualization in mental harbor preparation it is only to imagine these websites. Never let the vision of failure take over your mind. The wizu could be done by waiting next to the mat for his match, and also the day or even a week before the tournament. It is a technique that requires a bit of practice, but once you master it, you will be able to prepare yourself mentally for tough competition.


Don’t forget the most important thing – you never lose, win or gain experience. No matter how your first tournament ends, you will gain valuable experience and become a better player.

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