MMA Training at Home – How to Start

MMA is an intense sport that is gaining more popularity day by day. There is a reason – MMA fighters can pride themselves on great condition, excellent coordination of movements and overall physical fitness.

If you want to go to your first MMA training, see what mixed martial arts really are, what this type of training looks like and what accessories you will need.

MMA – what is it?

At the core of mixed martial arts, or mixed martial arts, it is the confrontation between 2 people of various sports disciplines. In practice, this means that players fight using blows and techniques used in various sports, naturally without the use of weapons.
Thanks to this, the range of techniques included in the MMA range includes boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu grips or even karate or taekwondo elements.
There are also submissions, chokes and f course kicks. As a result, it is possible to fight both standing up and on the ground. This gives a spectacular mix of skills as MMA fighters meet in the ring, and more specifically in the octagon. 
As you can see, if you want to start MMA training at home, you have a lot of work to do. What exactly?

What does MMA training look like?

The aforementioned rich repertoire of skills that MMA fighters should be able to boast makes this sport require versatile fitness.
1. Strength training for MMA – is one of the most important elements of all. At the beginning of the training, start strength training with a load on your own body, and then the weights will start to move. Many athletes consider weigh lifting to improve body core and strength.
2. Fitness MMA training – to withstand the hardships of a 3-round to 5-round fight, players must train endurance. You can build your condition for MMA training in various ways, e.g. by performing short series of intense exercises with a short break to rest. This can be rope-skipping, fast runs, and other high-cardio workouts.
MMA section note- MMA training at home is one thing. If you really want to polish your punch technique, know how to get into a short circuit and take down your opponent, you should direct your steps to the club or MMA section . Under the watchful eye of experienced trainers, you will acquire the necessary skills and familiarize yourself with the entire repertoire of techniques included in MMA . And the culmination of training in the end will be sparring, i.e. a real training fight with an opponent.
3. MMA bag training – Intense bag workouts are at the core of MMA training. Get a MMA bag and either hang it if you can at home or lay it on the floor. Work on punches and kicks applied to different bag locations. A dummy workout manequin is also a way to go.

MMA training  – what equipment?

1. Outfit – this is the basis of the equipment, regardless of what training you choose. Professional MMA fighters usually fight without shirts, but it is better to bet on it during training. The entire outfit should be made of flexible and non-absorbing material, which will ensure comfort and will not restrict freedom of movement.
2. Gloves – these are essential accessories if you want to train your punch technique, hit the sack or stand for sparring while training in a club or section. Unfortunately, you will not find a universal solution here – sparring gloves should be heavier and equipped with more foam filling, which will ensure the safety of your opponent and minimize the strength of the blows taken on the guard. In turn, those used for practicing punches are usually lighter.
3. Tapes – Before you can put on the gloves, you must tightly bind your wrists with bandages. Their material will absorb sweat from sharply working hands and additionally stabilize the position of the wrist, which will minimize the risk of injury
4. Protectors – in your equipment for the first MMA training and if you found a partner to train with, you must have protectors. First of all, you need a mouth guard- it’s an absolute must, thanks to which you will avoid the risk of serious injury during sparring. Over time, it is worth adding the shin guards, feet and crotch pads to this set.
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