Nicky Ryan’s BJJ Story

Nicky Ryan is a 19 year old rising star in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is a featherweight contender with a height of 173 cm. Ryan shows his mastery in the field by dominating highly experienced and physically fit contenders on the mats. His outclass BJJ techniques make him one of the top Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athletes.

Ryan turned pro and 2018 and defeated Phil Harris in a grappling bout with an  armbar. He competed twice in 2018 and forced his opponents to tap by Rear Naked Choke. Later in 2019, he extended his winning streak and added five victories to his list. Kade Ruotolo competed with Nicky Ryan, and eventually tapped to an Outside Heel Hook submission, while Richard Alarcon and Kieth Kirkorian were submitted due to Rear Naked Choke.

Ryan defeated Urijah Faber and Jamil Hill-Taylor on scorecards. On 28th September 2019, Paulo Miyao took Ryan victory away by winning on points at ADDC World Championship. Ryan later went on competing with Gesias Cavalcante at SubStars grappling event where Dustin Poirier was going to Face Garry Tonon. Ryan used his famous technique and finished the match before the final bell with an Inside Heel Hook. In his last match, Ryan lost against Tye Ruotolo by a unanimous decision at Who’s#1 event on the 6th of June 2020.

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Nicky Ryan is the younger brother of the grappling prodigy Gordon Ryan and wants to be the best NoGi champion of all time. Under the tutelage of Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan is certainly heading towards his goal. His ability to heel-hook and Read-naked-Choke shows a bright BJJ future for him. Nicky Ryan is a member of the Danahar Death Squad and has dropped out the school to a full-time focus on his goal of becoming the all-time best NoGi champ.

There is no doubt that Nicky Ryan (BJJ) is the next big thing and will have a successful future in the grappling world. Despite his two defeats, we can surely see how well he was performing at the age of 13 to 17, and he will improve with the time and will have his name writing in the elite fighters.

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