Our Top 6 Favourite Takedowns

Takedowns in martial arts take out a lot of energy and their set up requires attention and perfect timing. Below are some of our top takedowns we think everyone should know by heart.

Leg Trip Takedown

The leg trip is a method where you trap the opponents leg closest to you, consequently making him tumble to the ground. Leg trips are frequently seen in UFC when fighters are close to the net. The top rule of this takedown to work is by controlling the body of the opponent while also depriving him from balancing his own body.

Single Leg Takedown 

The single leg takedown (regularly abbreviated to single leg or single) includes snatching one of the legs of the opponent, more often than not with two hands, and utilizing the situation to drive him to the ground. As you shoot for a single leg, wrap the leg above the knee and keep your head glued to the chest. Keep moving forward and backward to confuse the opponent and eventually drive into him with your head and to the side. The opponent will eventually lose balance.

Double Leg Takedown 

The double leg takedown (also known as a twofold leg or even twofold) includes grabbing the opponent with two arms wrapped around the legs while keeping your head glued to opponent’s body, and utilizing this situation to drop the opponent to the ground. There are a few ways for this takedown. For example, lifting and pummeling or pushing forward with the shoulder while pulling the opponent’s legs. This takedown is well known around wrestling and jiu-jitsu gyms.

Duck Under Takedown

This is a famous takedown in wrestling. While standing in front of your opponent, grab his neck. Pull the his elbow forward with your other hand and far from the body, bring down your own head, and duck under the the opponent’s arm with an end goal to get behind or possibly close to the rival; from this position the rival can be brought somewhere around lifting and tossing or by a leg trip. 

referral: fanatic wrestling

Underhook Takedown

A solitary underhook includes putting an arm under the the opponent’s arm, and holding the back of the rival’s waist or chest area, while a doubl underhook includes doing this with the two arms. Either can be utilized as the reason for a takedown in light of the fact that under hooks offer the potential for control of the adversary’s chest area. 

Overhook Takedown

An overhook, or Whizzer is often applied when the opponent has both underhooks. Once the opponent has both underhooks, apply overhooks as seen in the picture above. Squeeze tight, move one leg forward, step to opponent’s side and drop on your bag, simultanously bringing the opponent with you. Apply a bridging technique in the end to move him to the side, so that you end up in side control.

Here is a great link to the takedown technique: https://youtu.be/5v2TrWcf2_c

Rear Bear Hug

A bear hug teakdown is a good one when you manage to get the opponent’s back. Squeezing the opponent’s waist, he has difficulty moving around and no space to turn hips. There are a variety of bear hug takedowns here, you can lift and curve knees, drop down a level, grab opponent’s knees and push them forward

There is a good variation of rear bear hugs by Stephan Kesting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0GVwtF7uVY&ab_channel=StephanKesting

Do you have any takedowns you like? Comment below.

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