The Heavyweight Title Fight Between DC and Miocic

The Heavyweight Title Fight Between DC & Miocic

On 16th August, UFC is going to host one of the biggest matches in MMA History. Rematches are always interesting, but a rubber match is a hell of excitement and hype. Yes, we are talking about UFC 252 where two Heavyweights will come face to face for the third time in two years. We are talking about Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic who will fight for the Heavyweight title. The most exciting thing about this fight is, both have knocked each other out in the last 2 meetings. In the first fight at UFC 226, DC knocked Stipe with his lethal punches in 1st round; Moicic took revenge at UFC 241 where he knocked Cormier out in 4th round and became the undisputed heavyweight champion of UFC.

At UFC 252, a rubber match between these fighters will decide if Moicic can retain his title or Daniel Cormier is more deadly. So, let’s observe both fighters closely to get an idea about “who will win?”

Let’s talk about Cormier first. A fighter who came to UFC with the hype of being unbeaten, many of the people don’t know that Cormier had a streak of 15 wins in his professional MMA career since he faced Jon Jones at UFC 182 where “Bones” beat him via unanimous decision. DC beat Frank Mir in his first-ever fight at UFC and went on winning the next 3 matches against Roy Nelson, Patrick Cummins, and Dan Henderson. He is one of those fighters whose debut tells everybody that a champion has arrived.

Let’s talk about some of DC’s big wins: 

Frank Mir: – 

It was Cormier’s first-ever bout in UFC, and he had to face Frank Mir who had earned his successful reputation and had some big wins on his back.

The fight started and spectators watched a great show which was put up by Daniel Cormier, he did not seem like a new-comer as he started attacking Frank from the very first round. There were some big exchanges of lethal punches and all 3 rounds were passed within a fraction. The fight was over and Daniel Cormier had won it by unanimous decision.

Anderson Silva:

Everyone who watches MMA knows this name. Anderson “The Spider” Silva; a man who once reigned UFC by winning 16 consecutive matches. Silva’s win streak is still longest in MMA. Though he has lost his prime but beating Anderson Silva is not something ordinary.

DC and Silva met each other at UFC 200. It was a non-title bout but an air of excitement was created because 2 deadly fighters were going to face each other in the octagon. Though Silva had lost 3 matches before this fight, people still had high hopes from their favorite “The Spider”.  

The fight started and DC dominated Silva in all 3 rounds, Silva also put on a great show but Cormier did not give him a chance to go over him. Silva had to lose the fight by unanimous decision.

Stipe Moicic:

It is an achievement for someone to fight in different weight classes as it demands some extra hard work. Daniel Cormier is one of those few who has won a title in 2 different weight classes. First, he reigned in Light heavyweight division, and later, he won Heavyweight title.

This was probably DC’s biggest win in UFC as he had to fight a competitor who had defended his title 3 times. It was Stipe Moicic and everybody knows it was going to be one of the most exciting fights in UFC history. We see most of the knockouts in the heavyweight division, but excitement gets double when it comes to the first round.

The fight started and DC stunned people with his amazing power as he knocked Stipe out in the first round to become Heavyweight Champion of UFC.

On the other hand, we have got Stipe Moicic who has created an impact in the UFC Heavyweight division. Like DC, he also came to UFC with the hype of being undefeated and remained undefeated for his first 3 fights after which, Stefan Struve knocked him out with punches. Stipe bounced back nicely and won the UFC Heavyweight title. In his debut fight against Joey Beltran, he beat him by unanimous decision and shown the world that he has not only got power but a good technique with which he can dominate his competitors.  

Let’s talk about some of Stipe’s big wins: –

Fabricio Werdum: –

It is a dream of every fighter to be a champion, and all of them who compete in Ultimate Fighting Championship work so hard to appear in a title bout. A win against Fabricio Werdum was probably the biggest fight in UFC history and it was the biggest day in his life as he became Heavyweight Champion of the world on that day.

He had won 2 fights against Mark Hunt and Andrei Arlovski so later defeated Werdum. Yes, by knocking him out in the first round. From the beginning of the fight, Stipe showed aggression and Werdum had no answer for his powerful punches; he had to fall in the arena and lose his title to Stipe in just 2.5 minutes.

Francis Ngannou: – 

After becoming Heavyweight Champion, he had to retain his title by competing with some of the deadliest fighters like Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos, and Francis Ngannou; he beat them all. Fight against “The Predator” was one of the toughest as he has an outstanding record of 15-3.

It was tough to compete against Francis as he is so good in the octagon, but Stipe dominated him, and after 5 rounds, Stipe was declared “Still Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World”. This was one of the biggest wins of Stipe Moicic.

Daniel Cormier: – 

He had lost his title to DC, and when the rematchwas announced, fans were going crazy, and social media platforms were obsessed about those two. It was a fight with a competitor who had knocked him out in the first round of the match. It was for the bragging rights and Stipe had to deliver a good punch.

The fight started with all its excitement, and for the 4 rounds, both fighters attacked each other and spectators watched some exceptionally good moves. Eventually, Stipe knocked him out with his iron fists and became the Heavyweight Champion once again.

Comparison: –

Both are deadly but if we observe the last bout between them, we will find that 41 year old Daniel Cormier was exhausted in the 4th round. No doubt he put up a great show against a fast opponent but this is a fact that he looked tired in the 4th round of the match where he was knocked out.

Stipe Moicic has still got the stamina than DC but if we watch his previous fights, we will find that he goes on backfoot when someone attacks him and a wave of steel punches can make him tremble in the octagon. The same happened in his first fight against DC where he seemed to be having no answer for Cormier’s attack and found himself on the floor in the first round.

DC will try to go forward to get an early stoppage, but if Stipe dodges his attacks, he can create trouble for Daniel Cormier. Stipe will try to defend till 3rd or 4th round and then he will try to finish the fight. DC is a good point scorer so if he survives all the rounds, a winning possibility can be created for him. If DC wants to win, he has to get an early stoppage or survive all rounds, but Stipe also can be proved dangerous if he can take the fight to the late rounds, and then there is a chance for him to finish DC.

This is a rubber match so no predictions can be made as both are best and have defeated one another in their previous meetings. If you have any idea about the winner, feel free to tell us in your comments.

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