Top 7 Greatest Fighters in UFC

Top 7 Greatest Fighters in UFC

To compress the list of top MMA fighters in the UFC history down to only seven is actually impossible, but this article is just a bite of a massive steak of amazing athletes. Here are 7 UFC fighters you should know about:

1 – Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov

Due to being unbeaten in all the professional fights and defeating many current and former champions, we place Khabib first on our list of top MMA fighter in the history of UFC. With his great grappling, wrestling, and fighting IQ, he can defeat anyone he faces. His longest winning streak shows it all. Whether it is fighting on the ground or toe-to-toe exchanges of strikes, Khabib is the best.

2 – Goerge St-Pierre:  This list needs to mention GSP as one of the best UFC fighters of all time. He is the former two-division champion. He lost twice during his professional career, and later on, he avenged both of his losses from Matt Hughes and Matt Serra in rematches. He retired in 2013 and made a comeback after four years of inactivity to only fight one last time, In his final bout, he battered Michael Bisping to win the UFC lightweight championship belt.

3 – Jon Jones:  Jon Jones is number one in the UFC pound for pound list and current UFC light heavyweight champion. He is virtually an unbeaten fighter as his only loss came by a controversial disqualification. He is the first man to defeat the former P4P kingpin, Daniel Cormier.  Due to his height and reach advantages along with his fighting abilities, it looks like he will never lose a fight till his retirement, His professional fighting record is 26-1-1 which is one of the best records in the UFC.

4 – Anderson Silva: Having the longest title reign in UFC, Silva is without doubt one of the best MMA fighters. He held the title for 2457 days. He has one of the longest careers in MMA as well, he appeared in 45 fights and won 34 while losing ten times with a single draw.  Silva will always be regarded among the top UFC fighters of all time. His showboating during the rounds and crowd entertaining style is what fans love to watch.

5 – Conor Notorious McGregor: The Irishman is regarded as one of the best and most entertaining UFC fighters of the era. He has faced many current and former champions and defeated most of them. He is famous for dominating his fights through the rounds, Khabib is the only fighter who sensationally defeated Mcgregor after dominating every round before forcing Notorious to quit in the fourth round in front of his fans. McGregor’s professional record is 22-4-0

6- Henry CCC Cejudo: Cejudo defeated many top names with ease and is considered one of the greatest in the fight category. He was concurrently a Flyweight and Bantamweight champion when he announced his retirement. His short resume is full of elite opposition and championship bouts.  He lost twice during his eighteen professional fights, during his amateur career, he won 10 gold medals including one Olympic and two Pan American Championships.

7 – Dominick Cruz:  The former two times UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz has lost three times in his entire career.  From 2006 to 2016 he remained undefeated and reigned the MMA in his division and defeated many big names, as per many UFC analysts and fighters he is one of the all-time best fighters in the world.

That’s all about our list all-time great fighters list.  Who do you think deserves their name to be mentioned in the top 7? Share your thoughts in the comments

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