Women & MMA

MMA – a combat sport, packed wit adrenaline and excitement. After each round, you feel like your body is shaking, your hands are heavy and your ribs hurt from getting punched, not to mention the optional black eyes and bruised legs.

So, how is it that more and more women are interested in MMA?

It is amazing and inspiring to see more women training MMA. The ability to defend yourself, protect yourself, is a skill worth having. What’s more, it is a sport filled with intense training, and flexibility to be creative with techniques.

We asked a few women around who train martial arts, specifically MMA to help us find out more:

Patricia: “I came for one simple reason, I wanted to learn something that could help me in case of an unpleasant situation, like being attacked after walking late at night. I wanted to know that I would be able to defend myself, even in the slightest degree.”

Annie: “The very decision to come to the training was not difficult to make, I always wanted to try, the stairs started when I got there. These are the thoughts that drew me to the club, although, I must admit, it was also another form of movement that wonderfully shaped the figure, strengthened the muscles and, above all, firms the body, which for us – women, is of great importance 🙂 From training to training, I noticed a definite improvement in my condition and endurance, and I was very happy to see the delicate, but always, outline of the abdominal muscles ☺ “

Hailey: “I was always interested in trying martial arts myself. I find the sport to be incredibly fascinating. I remember my first class. I circled the gym for 15 minutes before I actually got in. I was very nervous, I had a lot of thoughts in my head, incl. what am I doing here, it’s not for me, the girls don’t fight, but I quickly embraced myself, thought: “try it, you can do it” and I just went inside.I wanted to test myself, see if this is really a place for me, whether I would find myself in it, and in the company of girls, I do not hide, I felt more comfortable.

I entered the club, got the key to the locker room, changed clothes and sat on the bench. After a while the girls started to come down, I walked over to one of them, introduced myself and we started talking. Then more girls came and the conversation got so excited that I didn’t even notice that we had to start.

In the first training session, the trainer showed the basic movements, what positions I should take and how to deliver punches or kicks. In the meantime, we were doing push-ups, squats, and jumps. Such exercises are typically endurance exercises, jump rope or rompers with light weights. In the beginning, with my condition, I must admit it was hard. I remember doing 5 push-ups was almost as hard for me as running a marathon ☺

After stepping off the mat, I felt tired, but on the other hand it was good fatigue. At the same time, I had strength and wanted even more. Before leaving, at the club’s reception desk, I asked what I would need for the next classes. More or less how much money will I have to spend on it and I have done the rest of the paperwork.The day after training, everything hurt me. Probably even the muscles that I would never suspect existed before. Fortunately, later, from training to training it was only better, both physically and technically.”


Katherine: “I started MMA by enrolling in the beginners course. I did a 7-week course and loved it since class 1. I became confident and energetice. I also noticed a significant improvement in my mood, I remember that when I had a bad day, something did not go as I wanted, or I was just in bad shape, after leaving the mat I was like a newborn. I must admit that thanks to this, I was looking forward to my next training session. Every time I left all the negative emotions there, relieve stress or just had a great time, because there was a lot of laughter with the girls on the mats sometimes :))

Besides, I loved the feeling when I put on the wraps and gloves on my hands. Then I felt about 100 times stronger than I am, but I also became, then, some, hmm … “bolder””.


Lisa: “I saw a Facebook ad about a beginners MMA course. I was inspired to see a course to make women stronger in the MMA category. I really quickly got into training for women and tried to learn as much as possible and improve everything that the trainer thought was not working out as it should. After some time, I stayed for two trainings in a row, also joining the mixed group (with men).The people I met and the atmosphere in the club meant that the time spent there gave me not only what I expected when I decided to train, under the supervision of professional and experienced trainers, but also a lot of smile and great fun 🙂.”

MMA is a great, intense, adrenaline-guaranteed sport. It makes you work on your weaknesses and become a better you, not just physically, but mentally, as your confidence and self-esteem grows with it.

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