Wrestling vs BJJ

Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu both are great Martial Arts and are used to neutralize the height and size advantage of the opponent. Wrestling was developed by the Greek empire where they used to train their soldiers for a hand to hand combat from Greek, Roman adopted it, but they removed some brutal shots from it.

BJJ vs Wrestling

Both fighting styles are used to take an opponent down on the ground and force him to submit after applying different locks. BJJ is more connected to Judo and a variety of grappling techniques. We can say BJJ is an improved version of Judo than wrestling, BJJ gives a chance to land a submission while you are lying at your back. BJJ requires fewer efforts as compared to wrestling.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes in MMA

In modern MMA, almost every fighter applies BBJ techniques in the octagon. They come with a BJJ background, or they start learning BJJ during their professional career. Khabib is The greatest of all time
fighter (read our article on the top 7 UFC fighters of all time). He started learning BJJ after beating Conor Mcgregor in 2018. A few famous BJJ fighters are:

1 Demian Maia
A great prospect of the UFC welterweight division, Demian Maia is regarded as one of the best grapplers in his weight class; he is the master of BJJ and won a lot of submission of the night awards due to his extraordinary skills in BJJ.

2. Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is the former lightweight champion who ended Conor McGregor’s 15 fight winning streak. Diaz has earned 15 UFC bonuses due to his BJJ techniques.

3 Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva is one of the greatest MMA artists in the world. Silva, the former world champion, is considered the greatest BJJ practitioner in UFC.
Wrestlers in MMA.

Wrestlers dominated UFC from decades.

A few famous wrestlers who ruled MMA are:

Khabib is the current lightweight champion and unbeaten fighter in UFC with the best resume in MMA; 29-0. He started wrestling at the age of 8 and now dominating the world with his great tactics.

Before Khabib, GSP was the greatest fighter of his era. He lost twice and avenged both of his losses. He was a super wrestler with a granite chin and power to stop his opponents before the final bell.

3.Daniel Cormier
The former world champion, DC, who is also regarded in the list of an all-time best UFC fighter, is a great wrestler and used it to win a lot of challenging fights during his professional career.

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